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Essential Oil Blends
Germ Buster Formulas for Home, Office or Industrial use:

Simply Unique has developed a line of oils that have been blended for cleaning purposes and are available in ready to use trigger spray bottles. Each blend has been carefully measured for use in both the home and in the workplace. Those who clean homes and businesses as a career will appreciate the ease, purity and antiseptic capabilities of these products. Shake before each use.
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Germs B Gone:
This is a very pleasant blend of essential oils made to clean tough jobs such as kitchens & bathrooms. Use a fine mist to spray toilets, sinks, tubs, showers, counters, etc.
24 oz...$6.99

Sweet & Spicy:
A great blend for ridding your home of cooking odors from the kitchen. Combats bathroom odors and that locker room smell from closets where shoes and seldom used items are stored.
24 oz...$6.99

Citrus Orchards:
Citrus Orchards is a perfect blend of citrus, floral and earthy scent essential oils, a sure pleaser anytime will help rid your home of those stuffy, house odors. Makes any room smell delightful, is relaxing and will help you unwind after a busy day.
24 oz...$6.99

Fresh & Clean:
Is a great blend of essential oils that combat germs that can cause colds and viruses. Use in dish water at times of sickness, or every day. Just 2-3 drops in the dish water or rinse water. Use in the laundry, 8 drops per washer is enough. Fresh & Clean is also a wonderful room freshener. Great any day in any room. Drop a few drops into the bag of a vacuum cleaner for fresh scent through out the home, office or workplace.
24 oz...$6.99

Lemon Drops:
Designed for your kitchen to help keep it smelling clean and fresh, while disinfecting your dishes. Use in dishwater, dishwasher and the washer, this oil is a great germ buster in all three!
24 oz...$6.99

Clean & Sweet:
Another favorite that can be used in any room of the home. Designed to get rid of those stubborn bathroom smells, this blend leaves the room smelling clean, sweet and very pleasant.
24 oz...$6.99

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Citrus Spectacular:
Our newest product to date! This is a fantastic product to have around for home or industrial use. Just spray this oil on full strength where tough dirt and grime has built up. Use it to remove gummed residue left from removing sticky-backed labels. Spray on and leave for a few seconds. Scrape off with an expired phone or credit card. The gummy residue literally rolls off! Use it to clean and freshen the air, or to clean the kitchen after cooking a grease splattering dinner. Citrus Spectacular will soon become a regular in your home or office! Three strengths for normal, tough and mighty jobs! Citrus Spectacular and Mechanics Pal soap is just what you need to clean up and keep your hands clean too!

Regular Strength......24 oz.....$6.99

Tough Strength.........24 oz.....$7.99

Mighty Strength........24 oz.....$8.99

Last updated, June 12, 2002.

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