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Massage Oils

Massage Oils: Made from pure cold pressed Sweet Almond oil and our special blend of essential oils for particular affects. These are the highest form of massage oils and only take a few drops per use. Smoothes on making the massage gentle, mild and very relaxing. Choose from the following Massage oils: Lavender: Great for relaxation, rid the pain of headaches, general easin g of the mind and body and skin softening properties.
1 ounce dropper tip bottle....$5.99 -

Baby Soft Baby Massage Oil: Use after bath or anytime baby seems fretful. Spread a couple drops in your hand, warm it then gently massage into back, legs and arms. Avoid face, hands, and genital area.
1 ounce, dropper top bottle....$5.99 -

Hunter's Dream: This is truly a hunterís dream! Massage this oil into your hands, face and neck before you go out hunting. It will hide the human scent and prevent big game from detecting you. Hunters swear by this oil! Use it in a bath before going out, then add to exposed areas once you are in the woods.
1 oz. dropper bottle......$5.99---

Big Catch: Fishermen swear by this oil! Rub a few drops into your hands as you are ready to set the bait, and throughout the fishing day. This oil is designed to hide the scent of man, allowing the fish to take the bait! Fish like the smell, and will be attracted to the bait. Keep this with you through any fishing adventure.
1 oz. dropper bottle......$5.99----

Tender Moments: A special blend of essential oils that will bring out those tender feelings and set the mood for a pleasant evening with our partner.
1 oz. dropper bottle......$5.99----

Dreamer's Paradise: This blend of essential oils relaxes your mind, spirit and body and brings about a tranquil feeling. A feeling that will bring on pleasant dreams.
1 oz. dropper bottle......$5.99----

Mellow Moods: A very pleasing blend of essential oils that will relax your body and help you unwind. A great way to end a busy day.
2 oz. dropper bottle......$4.99----

Concentration Booster: This group of essential oils helps to clear your mind and thoughts and allows you to concentrate on the task at hand. Whether it is for studying, or just trying to plan, this massage oil will help you along the way.
1 oz. dropper bottle......$5.99----

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September, 19, 2003.