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Lime is a favorite essential oil. Also in the citrus family it
has a sharp, bittersweet aroma. It is said to be an antiseptic,
antiviral, astringent, disinfectant, insecticide, restorative.
Lime is said to be very stimulating in cases of apathy, depression
and anxiety. It is said to ease coughs and chest congestion.
Lime has been said to encourages appetite, that it may assist in
cases of anorexia. Lime has been used often in assisting in
treating alcoholism due to its detoxifying, disinfecting and
restorative properties. Lime blends well with bergamot, geranium,
lavender, rose and ylang ylang.

1/2 oz. amber glass bottle, pure Lime Essential Oil for $7.50

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Last updated September 19, 2003
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