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Contented Cows graze on Lavender, which also helps to reduce the stinch from dairy farms!
Lavender is a favorite of most people world-wide. With a floral scent along with light, woody undertones, it is a real pleaser. It would take far too much space to tell all the beneifts natrualists tell us that Lavender possesses. It is said to be an analgesic, antidepressant, antirheumatic, antiseptic, antispasmodic, antiviral, bactericide, cicatrizant, decongestant, deodorant, diuretic, fungicide, sedative. Lavender is said to soothe the spirit, relieve anger, valuable in manic-depressive cases. Lavender is said to have a sedative action on the heart bringing down high blood pressure, relieve insomnia, relieve muscular spasms and rheumatic pains. It is said to be extremely beneficial to the respiratory system. Lavender has been said to be effective in relieving menstrual problems. It is said to clear the spleen and the liver, to help relieve nausea, vomiting and colic. Lavender is said to be effective in keeping insects at bay. It is said to purify the air, & to promote the growth of new skin cells. Lavender has been used to promote healing on burns and sunburns. It is said to be effective in cases of acne, psoriasis, boils, fungal growths, and scarring. Blends well with bergamot, chamomile, citronella, lemon, pine, and rosemary.
Choices available are essential oil, soap", bath salt, bath oil, room freshener

1/2 oz. glass, amber bottle, Lavender Essential Oil for $8.75

1 oz. squeeze, dropper-tip bottle, Ready-to-Use dilouted in Sweet Almond, Lavender Oil for $7.75

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Last updated September 19, 2003
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