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Gift Items

9 exciting scents to choose from!

Individual products

Body Powder, 2 oz. wide mouth jar, made from the highest quality cornstarch and our carefully blended essential oils. Bath Oil, 2 oz. Dropper top bottle with over cap. Made from the highest quality, cold process Sweet Almond Oil and our carefully blended essential oils. Bath Fluffy, netting ball for bath or shower.

The complete set comes in a carry out, display box with :
1 Bar of Cold Process Soap, 3.33 oz.
1 Bottle of Bath Oil, 2 oz.
1 Jar Body Powder, 2 oz.
1 Bath Fluffy, netting puff for shower or bath.

Selling price of this Gift Pack is just $24.00
Shipping and handling, Priority Mail is just $7.95

Choose Scent

Shows, Bar of Cold Process Soap, aprox. 3.33 ounces, made from the highest quality pure vegetable oils, cottonseed, soybean, coconut, palm kernel and sweet almond oils. Pure distilled water, sodium hydroxide, (lye, necessary to turn oils into soap. It has soponified, so it is totally harmless!) and our own special blend of essential oils for scenting.

Better view of soap bar, and back side of the Bath Salt Jar.

Bath Salt Jar - 6 ounces of bath salt, enough for up to 12 baths! No fillers in the bath salt, so you only need 1-3 tablespoons per bath! Made of our own specially balanced blend of Magnesium sulfate USP, Carbonate of Sodium and Sea Salt, with our special blend of essential oils for scenting. Bath Oil, 2 ounce jar, made of Cold Press Sweet Almond Oil and essential blend. Use only 3-5 drops per bath.

More Products
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Lavender Essential Oil is the only oil we carry at this time that is recommended to use with infants under 3 months of age.

Other products we carry

Special Holiday Scents
Outdoors Products
Insect Repellent Products
Fresh, Hand-Picked Mistletoe This is seasonal. Not available from January to October.
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