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Essential Oil Air Fresheners

Essential Oils

Cinnamon Leaf
Clove Leaf
Eucalyptus Globulus
Sweet Orange
Tea Tree
Ylang Ylang

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Essential oils play a very important part in our everyday lives. Unless we have been made aware of it, we just dont realize it. As we peel an orange, slice open a lemon or lime, we are gain the benefits of essential oils. As we walk through a mountain forest, we smell the clean, pure scent of the trees, plants and bushes that grow. A river gives the scent of pure, clean water. The ocean has the aroma of clean, pure air with a hint of salt. As we chance to drive by a mint field growing along the roadside, we breathe in the clean, pure smell of mint. These scents enlighten our minds, relax and calm our spirits, or simply smell good and remind us of experiences in the past. As this is happening, we are experiencing the benefits of Essential Oils. These plants also clean the air in our homes, and in our communities.

Essential oils are carefully extracted from flowers, plants, leaves, seeds, trees, shrubs and grasses. These oils are the life source of the plant, tree, shrub or flower they are extracted from. One might say essential oils are the blood of the plant itself. They promote growth of the plant. The aromatic scents emitted from them attract bees and other insects to the plant, which results in the pollination required for reproduction of the species. These scents also repel predators and help prevent disease.

Essential oils can create warfare on germs, viruses and fungus in the air. They can combat stubborn cooking odors, bathroom smells and just plain house smells in general. Kids rooms tend to collect odors from sweaty clothing, shoe odors, or the odors from children who wet the bed. Kids often take food into their rooms and are discovered only after they have deteriorated to the point we are beckoned by the resultant obnoxious odor. Essential oils not only can rid the room of the smell, they can rid the germs that have multiplied, as the decaying process was ongoing.

Here at Simply Unique our favorite essential oils for air fresheners are linked to the left.

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