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Virginian Cedarwood

Virginia Cedarwood

Virginia Cedarwood comes from the cedar trees in Virginia. Some say it is not a true cedar. This essential oil has a sweet cedar, woody aroma, reminiscent of sandalwood. Aromatherapists say it calms nervous tension and states of anxiety. It has been used as an expectorant, and to dry phlegm. Cedarwood is a good insect repellent for pets as well as in the home and in body sprays or oil combinations. Blends well with bergamot, cinnamon, frankincense, rose, and rosemary.

1/2 amber glass bottle, Cedarwood, Virginia for $7.99

1 ounce squeeze, dropper-tip bottle, Cedarwood, Virginia diluted in Sweet Almond oil and ready for use. $6.99

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