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Mood Setting Aromatherapy Room Fresheners:

Mellow Moods:

Designed to help bring about the feeling of tranquility. Great after a hard day at work, with the kids, or just to unwind before going to bed.
24 oz...$5.99

Concentration Booster:

This is a wonderful oil for students, home businesses and the business office. Helps clear the air of that stuffiness that makes it hard to concentrate. Concentration Booster will help you relax and clear your mind so you can keep on the right track.
24 oz...$5.99

Tender Moments:

Designed to set that special mood for night time. Is said to induce those tender feelings that lead to romantic moments. Helps you unwind, relax and completely enjoy the company of your spouse. Many say it arouses intimate feelings.
24 oz...$5.99

Dreamers Paradise:

A great blend designed for those who tend to have troubled dreams. Essential oils that are said to create calm, tranquil dreams are used in a synergistic blend. Just place a few drops on your pillow, under the pillow case, or on a cotton ball set on the night stand beside your bed. A very pleasant scent, relaxes and calms the mind.
24 oz...$5.99

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