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Simply Unique Gifts purchases high quality, essential oils only from certified sources. These are the true essential oils and not a chemical substitute or diluted down cheap renditions. Each day we encounter the effects of essential oils as we go about our daily living. When we peel an orange, "Essential Oils" are released from the orange skins. Signals are sent to our brain which in turn sends messages throughout the body. We may remember the first orange our grandparents gave us, or simply that it is good, wonderful and pleasant. When we walk through a rose garden, a grove of pine trees or a field of flowers, on a warm summer day, again, signals are sent to our brains and leaves its imprint upon our mind and our body, even our soul. On our conscience level, we never notice these silent "healers" other than the fact they smell wonderful. Subconsciously, these oils go to work bringing about peace, tranquility, a sense of well being.

Our Forefathers depended upon these special "Gifts from Nature" for better health, cures, scenting the body, and for mood setting scents. Today, here in America, we are just rediscovering the great truth in the finest things nature can give us, these God given "Gifts from Nature". Although Simply Unique Makes no claims on healing properties, we include the descriptions, and properties of each oil we sell. We strongly suggest you speak to your own doctor before using these oils for any of the remedies listed. Simply Unique Gifts takes no responsibility whatsoever for use of these oils. Simply Unique Gifts is pleased to present this line of fine essential oils, both singles and blends, cold process soaps, bath salts, & bath oils, baby products & deodorants, for your home, office or store. Our essential oil blends are blended carefully to give you the best of each oil that makes up the blend. These scents are blended for long lasting impressions. We never add chemicals to any of our products. Simply Unique produce only the highest quality, pure, natural products.

Our "Cold Process Soaps" are made of the finest pure vegetable oils. We carefully combined cotton seed, soybean, coconut, palm kernel, extra virgin olive & sweet almond oils with distilled & purified water, sodium hydroxide and essential oils. This special formula produces a bar that is mild to the skin, yet hard so it will last, rather than washing away in just a few uses. Simply Unique Gifts soaps retain a very high natural glycerin content, allowing the soap to draw moisture to the skin resulting in a softening and conditioning of the skin. It is mild enough to use on a premature infant's skin. We do not recommend any soap but the Baby Soft to be used on children under 2 years of age, as this bar is developed for infants, those with skin problems and the elderly. Many people who experience skin problems from commercially produced soaps, are able to use Cold process Soaps without the resultant irritations, and rashes. Each bar is complimented by a 100% Cotton fabric wrapper.

Simply Unique Gifts pure, natural Bath Salts are made from Magnesium Sulfate USP, Sea Salt and minerals, Carbonate of Sodium and pure Essential Oils. We do not add fillers to make it look as if you are getting more for your money. Our bath salts are so concentrated, all you need is 1-3 tablespoons per bath!

Simply Unique Bath Oils are made from a carefully balanced blend of Sweet Almond Oil, and Essential Oils. This blend leaves the skin feeling smooth and soft. This blend feeds the skin, providing nutrients and skin healing properties that repair damaged, rough & dry skin. You only need 3-5 drops of bath oil per bath!

Simply Unique Gifts Massage Oils are made with the same high quality base as our bath oils. The Sweet Almond Oil is the best oil we have found for this purpose. Not only does it have skin softening properties, it has nutrients needed to maintain healthy skin.

Simply Unique Gifts has developed a Deodorant for shoes as well as a body deodorant. Sprinkle the powder in your shoes, and splash the liquid deodorant onto your armpit for all day protection from odors.

Simply Unique Gifts special Splash-on-Deodorant is made from pure aloe vera, and our special blend of essential oils that are well known to combat body odor.

Simply Unique Gifts Body Powder made from a very special blend of the finest cornstarch available and pure essential oil blends that are designed to match the scents for our soaps, bath salts and bath oils. This powder leaves your skin feeling soft, silky and smooth.

Simply Unique Gifts Baby Soft product line is a special line for infants, those with problem skin, and the elderly. Baby Soft products are safe to use for premature infants on through the aged. We have produced a very mild blend of natural ingredients that feed and add important nutrients to the skin. More detail is given in the Baby Soft Product section.

Simply Unique Gifts Essential Oils. We supply 20 single oils and a variety of our own special blends. Adding a small amount of essential oil to the water used for cleanup, in laundry, for room fresheners, and for mood setters. Our blends are designed for special scents, such as woodsy, citrus, fresh smell, and holiday scents.

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