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NEW!!! Simply Unique Gifts Baby Products!Baby Soft Products

Each one of our oil blends is made of specially blended pure essential oils. Although Essential Oils are all pure, natural products made from pure plant sources, keep them as well as all our formulas away from children. Do not ingest these formulas, as they can cause severe problems. Wipe any spray off that settles upon wood surfaces, as the oils can remove finish from furniture, cupboards, walls, and trims. Each oil must be diluted and never to be used as a straight mixture. Follow directions carefully and accurately to prevent damage that may result.

As an air freshenershake well before each use, and spray on carpets, in the air and near furniture to freshen the house.

As a general cleaner, Spray onto counter tops, walls, sinks, tubs, tile, shower walls, toilets, just about anything you will clean, then wipe down with a dry rag.

As a laundry freshener:, Srpay 4 times on an old wash cloth or rag and place in the dryer as you dry your clothes. Refresh every 2-3 loads.

Outdoors woodsy type scents & Out of Doors:

Oregon Mist:Our special blend of florals, pine and soft breezes smell remarkably like taking a walk though the Oregon Cascade Mountains after a cleansing rainfall. Appeals to both men and women!

Cascade Mornings: A special blend of wood tones and fresh breezes giving you the scent of the Cascade Mountains in the early mornings before the dew has evaporated away. Good clean, fresh scent! Appeals to both men and women.

Orange Mist:
A special blend of Sweet Orange, and woody tones that makes you think of peeling a sweet, ripe, and-picked orange off the tree while walking through a pine forest!

Used in soap, bath oil, bath salt, air fresheners, and general cleaning purposes, laundry freshener.

Insect Repellents:
Safe to use in soaps or as an insect repellent. Soak strips of cloth 2” by 6” in the following blend, and place then over the lined garbage can top, with half the strip inside the can and half outside, Then place the lid on as usual. Spray 2-3 times onto a 100% Cotton, cotton ball and place around the home where insects tend to get inside.

Bugs B Gone!:
A special blend for humans that keeps insects away! They won’t want to land on you, let alone bite! A must for all outdoors people, men, women, and children. This is another item you will not want to run out of! Made in soap, bath salt and powder too! Great to take along on trips, camping, hiking, anywhere you will be outdoors.

Insects Away!: Great scent and keeps insects away!

Good Riddance!: Made from floral and herb blends to keep insects away. May use as a soapmaking scent.

Rodent Repellent:

Mice B Gone!: A good combination that keeps rodents away, they do not like this blend of essential oils! A must for any home where rodents have a tendency to make their home with yours.

Floral Scents:

Baby Soft:
A special blend of oils that is safe for a premature baby as well as adult skin. We only recommend using soap and not the bath salts with infants and children under age 3. This is a wonderful blend for those who have aging or troubled skin, for those who have had excess exposure to the sun that has left their skin damaged & dry. Our special essential oils include Lavender which is well known for its healing powers.

Just the pure scent of Lavender essential oils, no other scent has been added. This as a soap is fine for infants including newborns and premature infants. Although for infants, the Baby Soft is a better choice. For anyone with sensitive skin, or anyone who likes a mild soap.

Special Scents for bedtime:

Tender Moments:
(Room Freshener, scents for soaps, bath salts & powder) Special blend including Ylang Ylang and Lavender that will bring out the best in your romantic moods.

Dreamers Paradise:
(Room Freshener, scents for soaps, bath salts & powder) This blend of citrus and floral will relax your mind and allow you to drift off into a peaceful sleep. Said to induce pleasant dreams.

For the Animals of the family:

Sassy Cat:
A special blend of oils that rid your cat of fleas and other unwanted insects. Great for keeping your cat's fur and skin in good condition. You will not want to run out of this soap! Available as soap only. Scents designed to keep your cat smelling clean and fresh!

Spunky Dog:
A special blend of oils that rids your dog of fleas and other unwanted insects. Great for keeping your dog's coat and skin in good condition. Again, like Sassy Cat, you will not want to run out of this soap! Scents designed to keep your dog smelling clean and fresh!

Horse Scents:
A special blend that makes your horse’s coat shiny and clean. Fights away insects. A must for everyone with horses.

These scents may be used as cleaning agents by spraying 2-3 times to clean counters, cupboards, floors, ceramic tiles, tubs etc., or used as soapmaking scents.

Germs B Gone:
(Not intended for soaps, bath salts or powder) Made for a room freshener for kitchens or bathrooms. Can be used in soap scenting very successfully. This is a blend of floral and spices and promises to leave the room smelling clean as well as to germ fighting properties. Just spray this formula onto stubborn spots such as stove tops where grease tends to collect, wait a moment and wipe that stubborn build up off easily and quickly!!! A must for every kitchen!

Sweet & Spicy:
(Not intended for soaps, bath salts or powder) Great for bathrooms or kitchens. A blend of oils that are known to inhibit growth of germs and that also leave the room smelling clean.

Fresh & Clean:
(Not intended for soaps, bath salts or powder) Great for kitchens! Those cooking odors can accumulate and seem heavy. This blend will dissipate those odors, leaving the air fresh and clean.

Lemon Drops: (Not intended for soaps, bath salts or powder) A delightful blend of citrus and floral with tea tree too! Leaves kitchen smelling wonderful. Dishwasher Blend:
Not intended for soaps, bath salts or powder) Add spray twice into one tablespoon of your dishwasher detergent and mix it well. Place it in the well as usual. Helps clean and sanitize dishes.

Sweet & Clean:
(Not intended for soaps, bath salts or powder) Great to soak towels in helping rid them of germs and odors that accumulate. Spray 3-4 times per gallon of hot water. Place towels in and soak at least till water cools down. Or spray 4-5 times into your measured detergent, stir well and place in washer.

Mellow Moods:
(Room Freshener, scents for soaps, bath salts & powder) Citrus at it’s best! This blend of special citrus scents mellows out moods and helps you relax! Great for jut arriving home from a busy work day.

Concentration Booster:
(Room Freshener, scents for soaps, bath salts & powder) A blend of herbs, citrus and floral that are well known to help clear your mind and allows you to concentrate on the subject or task at hand. Place 1-2 drops on a tissue and sniff before taking a test or going in for that special interview! You will be amazed!

Shoe and Foot Deodorant:
We all know the smell sweaty feet leave in shoes! Now there is help! Place 2 drops of this blend into one teaspoon of baking soda and sprinkle into each shoe. Leave overnight. You will be pleasantly surprised when you sniff them and do not feel like passing out!

Last updated, March 29, 2003.

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