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Home & Office Essential Oils
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These scents are for general use and are in non-aerosol spray bottles. The 24 ounce bottle has an easy spray, adjustable, trigger sprayer. Just spray this freshener in your home for a clean, wonderful scent. No chemical, no artificial products. We use essential oils for our scenting. Order at the bottom of each listing.

Germs B Gone is a very pleasant blend of essential oils made to clean your kitchen, bathroom, any room in your home. The carefully measured oils are blended for the right disinfectant, and germacidal qualities. You will be pleased with the quality of this oil. $6.99

Citrus Orchards is a wonderful blend of citrus essential oils. This is a sure pleaser anywhere, any time. Everyone loves the Citrus Orchards, and it's a great one for making any room in your home smell delightful! It is a relaxing scent that will help you unwind at the end of a busy day too! $6.99

Fresh & Clean is a delightful blend of essential oils that not only leave the home clean smelling, but kills germs and is anti-septic, anti-viral, anit-infective and helps keep thoes germs that can cause colds and viruses in check. Use in dish water at times of sickness, or every day! $6.99

Lemon Drops is designed for your dish water to help keep your kitchen smelling clean, while it helps disinfect your dishes! It is an anti-bacterial combination, with a heavy accent of lemon. Use in your laundry, add this oil to your dishwasher detergent too! Great in anything! $6.99
Clean & Sweet another favorite in any room of the home! Designed to help rid those stubborn bathroom smells, this blend leaves the room smelling clean and sweet. It is blended with oils that are germacidal, and anti-viral as well as disinfective. $6.95

Citric Delight is just what it sounds like. This all around cirtus blend is very delightful, leaving the home smelling as if fresh citrus fruits were just peeled! Anti-biotic and germacidal in nature as well as an effective disinfectant, you will love using this oil! $6.99

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The oil combinations below marked with an * denote oil blends made especially as room refresheners. Although they sill are used extensively as cleaners, disinfectants, and germ fighters as well. The Air Fresheners below play the purpose of mood setters, setting a relaxing, sensual, or mind invigorating mood.

* Mellow Moods is designed to help bring the feeling of tranquility. It is especially nice after a hard day of work, supper is over and time to relax has come. $7.99

* Concentration Booster is said to do just that! Helps clear the air of that stuffyness that makes it hard to concentrate and stick to the mental task at hand. Concentration Booster will help relax your mind so you can keep on the right track. Great for home offices or at the business place as well. $7.99

* Tender Moments was designed to help you relax at the end of the day and unwind so you can enjoy the company of your spouse more completely. Many say it has helped them elevate those intimate feelings. $7.99
* Dreamers Paradise . This blend is designed for those who tend to have troubled dreams. Essential oils that are said to create calm, tranquil dreams are used in a synergistic blend. $7.99

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Functional Use Sprays
* Bugs B Gone! Be rid of those pesky bugs! Works well to rid your home of ants too! Place a couple of drops directly on a spider to get rid of them! This is a special blend formulated with essential oils made to deter un-invited and un-wanted pests. Works well! $8.99

Hunterís Dream is a hunter's must! This is a special blend said to mask the scent of man, preventing those game animals from smelling you before you are seen! It is said to attract them instead of allert them you are there. $8.99

* Big Catch another sportsman's must! This oil blend is said to attract fish to your hook as well as to mask your scent so you can bait the hook and never be detected by those big ones again! $8.99

Need a shoe deodorant?!!! This one works! And it's all natural! Shoe Deodorant! Shoe Freshener & Deodorizer. Made of a special powder and blend of oils that will reduce the odors of your shoes. Place 1 teaspoon in each shoe, leave overnight. You can leave it in if you wear sox or remove it before wearnig your shoes. Either way, it helps rid your shoes of that embarrassing odor! It is anti-fungal, anit-viral, and dis-infecting as well! $8.99

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Many have asked for scents for the Holidays. Now you can check out our Holliday Scent page!

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