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Simply Unique Gifts LLC Products!

Quality Hand Made Bath & Body Products made from natural sources. We never use animal products or byproducts in any of our merchandise. We test on our own families and friends, never on animals. We have virtually every skin condition to test within the bounds of our own friends and families.

Mistletoe - We have blended several of our special fragrence and essential oils to give you the smell of Mistletoe! Why wait for the Holiday Season, enjoy a bit of the fun of Mistletoe today! You will find it in this scent. Loved by both men and women. This is a hot seller all year long! Use only a drop or two per 4 ounces of water for scenting.
1 oz.....$7.50

Peppermint Kisses - A great Christmas Scent or for any time of the year. Peppermint at it's best. Not recommended for pregnant or nursing mothers.
1 oz.....$8.95

Pumpkin Pie - Smells just like it sounds! Just like a Pumpkin Pie. Great Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas scent. Men love this scent on their women!
1 oz.....$8.95

24 Ounce Trigger spray bottle of Air Freshening Pure Oils. Please select scent from list. 24 ounce spray bottle only $5.99!
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Christmas Mornings - Smells like Christmas morning when the tree smells its very best, the kids have peeled oranges, the turkey is cooking and there is a hint of pumpkin pie in the air! Very nice scent for both male and female.
1 oz.....$8.95

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Have you ever wanted to study the intricate nature of a spider web? Now you can! You can see and feel them without having their natural sticky fibers sticking to your skin, or the worry of a spider crawling on your skin. Specially prepared, these webs are mounted permanently to a rock. Never be afraid of these wonders of nature again!
Wonder Webs

Preemie through 12 Months
Infant Patterns! Multi-Sized, 8 sizes per envelope!

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