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Big Catch Bath Set <BGSOUND <BGSOUND SRC="" >

High quality, All Natural Skin Care Big Catch Aromatherapy Bath Kit Only $25.00!
Hides the Human Scent on your hands, allowing you to place the bait on the hook, without the fish knowing you did! Also attracts fish to the bait!

Clear Carry Display box with the finest, all natual, Aromatherapy Bath Products. 3.33 ounce Cold Process soap bar, 8 ounces Pure Bath Salt, 2 ounces pure Bath Oil, 4 ounces pure body powder, and Bath Fluffy!

Essential oil Aniseed used for scenting. This is a refreshing licorice-like scent. Pleasant and mind awakening.

Choose from these scents

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Autumn Spice Aromatherapy Bath Set
Baby Soft Aromatherapy Bath Set
Lavender Aromatherapy Bath Set
Mistletoe Aromatherapy Bath Set
Mountain Fresh Aromatherapy Bath Set
Oregon Mist Aromatherapy Bath Set
Peppermint Kisses Aromatherapy Bath Set

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